• Peer reviewed quality standard
  • Meets current CPD requirements
  • Unbiased
  • Meaningful and relevant activities


  • Simplified Accreditation Processes
  • Accessible and cost effective
  • Interdisciplinary Accreditation
  • Peer review process with relevant audience

Activity types

AMcpdS accredit all forms of activity types including:


An audit is a documented process of reviewing practices and medical records to identify areas for improvement and ensure that procedures, processes and practice aligns with the accepted standards so patients receive high-quality care.

Face to face meetings and workshops

This is an activity where medical practitioners can meet in person to engage in a collaborative and interactive experience with the opportunity to participate in interactive learning to deepen their knowledge and improve clinical skills.


E-learning is any activity where the method of delivery is facilitated via electronic technology including online courses, digital textbooks, interactive videos, podcasts and webinars.


A process of systematic investigation or study of a specific topic or question with the aim of generating new knowledge, improving clinical practice and advancing patient care.

Peer group learning

A defined process of interactive sharing where participants offer and receive direct feedback from peers on clinical cases or topics to share knowledge, experiences and best practices to enhance their clinical skills and improve patient outcomes.

Supervised clinical Attachment

A clinical attachment with organised supervision by someone specialised in the specific therapeutic area.

Plan Do Study Act (PDSA)

An activity where a change is planned, implemented and the impact is studied and the findings are acted upon to refine and improve the changes.

CPR/BLS/ALS – all levels of emergency resuscitative learning

This is an activity where Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation skills are practiced and trained so that it can be utilised in an emergency setting.

Recognition of learning through teaching

Activities where medical practitioners deepen their learning by preparing and delivering education to others.

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